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Born in Santa Monica, raised in Orange County.

Spending my formative years a stone's throw away from Los Angeles has influenced me in more ways than one, from my deep love of film to my constantly evolving personal style. I knew from an early age that I wanted to be a storyteller. (My first gig was at 12 years old as a student journalist forTIME.) Since then, I've spent over a decade honing my craft and delivering consistent, high-quality work across the digital sphere — everything from SEO-driven shopping guides to engaging listicles on popular culture.

You can find my work in BustleElite DailyScreenCrush, and more, where I've covered a variety of topics ranging from fashion to beauty to television. When I'm not writing, you may find me sipping an adaptogenic latte by the beach or perusing the local vintage store for the perfect pair of bellbottoms. 

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