Chapman University's BFA Senior Showcase is on May 7th, 2019. Claire Epting joins her peers in a presentation of filmed scenes and live monologues at the SAG Screening Room in Los Angeles, CA. 

MAY 2019

Claire Epting releases an EP with her band, Inverted Jenny on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Bandcamp. Titled COSMIC CRUSH, the EP is a dreamy blend of indie rock and bedroom pop. You can listen to it here

APRIL 2019

Music video for Australian pop-punk band With Confidence is released on YouTube. "Icarus", a track off Love and Loathing, features Claire Epting as an edgy party girl who leads the protagonist down a road of debauchery. You can watch it on Hopeless Records' YouTube channel here


Short film"Punt the Bucket" screens at Dodge College of Film & Media Arts alongside other student films December 12th at 7pm. Claire Epting plays Molly, a free spirit who appears at Mason's side as he contemplates the final moments of his life. 


Short film"Two DJs: Both Alike in Dignity" screens at KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival. Claire Epting plays a hipster girl who sets one of the DJs up with a "dope" gig. File available upon request. 


Short film "You Know Best" is available for viewing online. Claire Epting plays Sophie, a girlfriend who learns a difficult truth upon learning her boyfriend claims to predict when couples are going to break up. The twist? The entire short is filmed in just two shots. You can watch it here.


New music video released by Yung Nation's Fooly Faime for "That's A Lie" featuring Claire Epting as a fed up, Pac-Man playing girlfriend. Click to watch it here

JUNE 2018

Short film "Naughty Mr. Claus" screens at the Folino Theatre in Orange, CA as a part of Dodge College of Film & Media Arts' senior thesis showcase. Claire Epting plays Sam Claus, the estranged daughter of Santa, on a quest to help her father save the North Pole from global warming. Link available upon request. 

MAY 2018

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