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A short film directed by Philip Stilwell at Chapman University's Dodge College of Film & Media Arts. Calvin and Chester love playing tennis together, until Calvin starts sleeping with Chester's sister, Amy. 

A short film directed by Alex Edep starring Claire Epting and Meir Parent. Two childhood friends have an awkward reunion in the outskirts of a party where they begin to reminisce over the past and what could have been.

Chapman University BFA Showcase scene "Don't You Want Me" starring Claire Epting and Thomas Byrne. James strikes up the nerve to talk to the mysterious girl at the bar, until he realizes there's more to her than meets the eye.

A music video for "Icarus" by Australian power pop group With Confidence featuring Claire Epting as Bad Influence Girl. A young man falls from grace when forced to choose between his sweet girlfriend and his dangerous fling.

A short film directed by Jack Campise over the summer of 2018, composed entirely of only two shots. A couple's seemingly peaceful relationship blows up when one half reveals he can predict when couples are going to break up. 

A song written as a part of Frankie Cosmos' collaborative project, An Induced Album, titled "Call It Quits". Singer/songwriter Greta Kline encouraged musicians to follow her instructions for a "paint-by-numbers" style EP where she writes half and you write the rest.

A short directed by Noah Marger over Interterm 2019. Two friends share an awkward interaction when Grace asks Cece if she can spend the night. 

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